Opening a Position and Hiring New Staff

We seek to identify and select the best candidates in each field. Listed below are the steps in the recruitment process based on how the requisition will be created. For future assistance, contact your HR Partner or assigned Recruiter.

The 3 Cs to Successfully Completing the Requisition Process

  • Consult

    ● With your manager to obtain the initial approval to recruit. You would discuss the position title, compensation and overall justification for either backfilling or opening a new position.

  • ● With your HR Partner about opening the requisition, market rates, and suitability of the position to best meet the departmental needs.

  • Connect

    ● With your Recruiter to support you through the process of posting the position, conducting interviews, and the post-interview stages.

  • Complete

    ● The position justification, job description, and addendum, and the job information questionnaire (JIQ) will need to be attached during the Workday input. For examples on how to complete the job description and addendum, please refer to the Job Aids in the Resources section on the right.

Before you begin creating a req, you will need to know your Region Number and Account Number. If you do not know these details, you can find them through the Find My Region Number and Find My Account Number links under Resources on the right.

Once you have gathered all the necessary information, click the Create A New Req link under Resources on the right. After you submit the req, you will receive an email to submit the completed Job Code through.

Note: Clicking submit on the Req page acknowledges that you have already obtained all necessary approvals within your department and with your Senior Business Officer.