Employee Relations

Off-Boarding Process

We value your feedback and your individual responses are confidential. Your feedback may become part of an aggregate report, that may contain information obtained through our Staff Complaint process and is then shared with management. The exit interview is conducted by the Employee Relations Specialist and is designed to give the employee a final opportunity to address the major areas of concern to the Office of the Provost departments. e.g., Salary, Management, Work Environment. However, as part of the exiting process, the immediate supervisor is encouraged to meet informally with the departing employee for an open-ended discussion. Exiting employees will be contacted by Provost Human Resources (7) days prior to their last day, to schedule an exit interview.

Off-boarding Process: Voluntary Separations

Voluntary Termination Process Map
Voluntary Offboarding Checklist – Supervisor
Voluntary Offboarding Checklist for Employees
Knowledge Transfer Form

Exit Interview

Properly off-boarding employees separating from the university, or simply from their current department, is critical for reducing or avoiding disruptions to the university/department operations and to ensure departing employees receive everything they need. Employees may separate for various reasons. For example, employees may separate due to retirement, resignation, or transferring to a different department, among other reasons. Regardless of the reason an employee separates, there are critical steps that must be followed and the right people need to be involved.

Provost HR has created an off-boarding process to assist departing employees and their supervisors through this period of transition. The process is meant to be interactive between employees, supervisors, and HR. Since employees separate for various reasons, the off-boarding process has been broken down into Voluntary and Involuntary. Please contact your HR Business Partner if you have any questions about which process to follow.

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