Hiring and Recruitment


The HR Staffing Office has an unwavering commitment to attract, engage and retain the best talent from across the country. Our goal is to be subject matter experts in the particular client groups we are responsible for and to form a partnership that allows departments to effectively grow and retain exceptional talent over time.

Staffing & Recruitment Services:

  • Recruitment Strategy Meetings – these meetings are designed to allow recruiters to strategize with and gather information from a department’s hiring manager for a position. This includes finding out what a hiring manager is looking for in a candidate (i.e. education, experience, certifications/licenses, computer software programs, etc.) as well as if they would like any specific outreach to be done for that position, such as advertisements of the role on certain websites or with certain organizations. The meeting will also seek to see what the role of the position is within the hiring department/division/overall university, as well as establishing a timeline for when the position will be filled.
  • Posting Positions – assistance with posting the position in sites such as the USC Careers site, LinkedIn (we have three revolving postings for 30-day increments), or niche websites specific to a function or department, such as Dice or Educase for Information Technology Positions, or NASPA/The Placement Exchange, or InsideHigherEdJobs.com for Student Affairs positions.
  • Interviews – this includes recruiter phone interviews/guides, on-campus interviews/guides, partnering with the department’s support staff to schedule interviews, as well as hosting interviews for director-level candidates and above.
  • Post-Interview Services – Includes reference checking, offer extensions and offer letter development, background check initiation, and scheduling onboarding.

Before you begin creating a req, you will need to know your Region Number and Account Number. If you do not know these details, you can find them through the Find My Region Number and Find My Account Number links under Resources on the right.

Once you have gathered all the necessary information, click the Create A New Req link under Resources on the right. After you submit the req, you will receive an email to submit the completed Job Code through.

Note: Clicking submit on the Req page acknowledges that you have already obtained all necessary approvals within your department and with your Senior Business Officer.