Disability and Leave

Workplace Injury

If at any time, an employee (including a student worker) experiences a workplace injury, it is critical that injuries are documented and reported within 24 hours to the Leave Administrator to ensure accurate and timely notification to the USC Disability Office. The USC Disability Office is responsible for meeting reporting deadlines, governed by state and federal law.

What to do in the case of a workplace injury?

1. Report the injury and seek treatment immediately!
A Manager’s Report of Incident & Worker’s Compensation Claim Form is required for all injuries. Completed reports should be filed with the Leave Administrator within 24 hours of injury. For non-life threatening injuries, you can seek treatment at the student health centers on either the UPC or HSC campus. In addition, there are additional Medical Providers Network facilities to seek treatment. Please visit the Benefits website to find additional locations. You must be seen by an approved provider or else you will incur the full cost of treatment.

2. File a claim with Broadspire, the university’s third-party administrator, by calling (800) 495-2315.
A claim will need to be filed in order for your treatment to be covered by disability insurance. Otherwise, the employee may incur for the full cost of treatment. Follow all of their instructions for initiating your claim.

3. Remember to submit the forms!
As a reminder, the Manager’s Report of Incident is required and must be signed by the manager. The DWC-1 Worker’s Compensation form must also be sent to the Leave Administrator, within 24 hours of injury.

4. Provide the work status report, from the treating medical office, to ensure that you have been released back to work or referred for continuing treatment.

Disability Leave

If, due to a workplace injury, you have been certified to return to work with restrictions or be placed off of work, you may need to initiate a disability leave claim with Broadspire or SDI (depending on the disability program you are enrolled in). Please speak with the Leave Administrator prior to initiating your claim for disability leave

Questions or Concerns

For additional questions about leaves, disability, worker’s compensation, and other types of time away, contact:

Contact us:
Erika Jimenez, Employee Relations Consultant/Leaves Administrator

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