About Us

Our mission is to create and increase capabilities for USC employees at all levels, so that they can be ready for current and future opportunities within the university. We also support departments and teams in creating environments that energize, motivate, and engage our workforce.

Talent & Organizational Development Pages

We achieve this mission by:

  • Providing the framework for and facilitating goal setting activities, performance check-ins and year-end performance conversations processes based on departmental needs. 
  • Offering training on soft skills designed to improve effectiveness in the workplace.
  • Offering workshops on how to create a coaching culture and be an effective coach inside USC using the GROW coaching model.
  • Providing consulting services to help organizations and teams improve. We can assess, design, and deliver solutions in the areas of change management, team development and performance improvement.
  • Creating department competency and skills models, identifying career paths and supporting development planning with employees and leaders.
  • Offering Emotional Intelligence assessment and coaching services to help individuals gain awareness into their emotional and social functioning.

In addition to the services listed above, we can also create customized solutions based on the individual and team requirements.

Contact us:

Helena Curtis, Associate Director, Talent & Organizational Development

Keven Brahim Kaddi, Senior Learning & Development Partner

Daisy Ng, Senior Learning & Development Partner, Onboarding Learning & Development Program Manager

Ursula Barlow, Learning & Development Partner 

Diane Yaris, Senior Organizational Development Partner, Mentoring & Development Program Manager

Amy Bresnahan, Senior Organizational Effectiveness Partner

Nicole Saulnier, Organizational Development Coordinator

Kimberly Hernandez – Navarro, Learning and Development Coordinator

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