Creating a Requisition in Workday

  • Consult with your HR Business Partner

    Work with your HR Business Partner to discuss and determine the talent needs in order to best meet your department’s goals. It’s at this step you would discuss the position title, compensation, and overall justification for wanting to either replacing or adding to headcount. This consultation can take place prior to or after connecting with your supervisor on your ability to fill the position. Internal approvals may be required before you commence the Workday submission process.

  • Complete the necessary documents

    All positions required that a job information questionnaire (JIQ) and job description to be uploaded. The forms can be founded and downloaded to your computer here. (no link yet). It is recommended that you start this phase prior to entering the requisition into Workday.

  • Complete the requisition within Workday

    You will upload the JIQ, JD and addendum (if applicable) into Workday. Once all approvals have been received your Talent Acquisition Partner will reach out to you.

  • Schedule a consultation with your Talent Acquisition Partner

    They will support you through the process of posting the position, conducting interviews, and the post-interview stages.

Note: Clicking submit in Workday acknowledges that you have already obtained all the necessary approvals within your department and with your Senior Business Officer.