Disability and Leave

Returning To Work

To prepare for your return to work you must provide certification releasing you back to work from your physician at least 1 week prior to your scheduled return to work date.

Accommodations Requests

Employees may present an accommodation request at any time. They do not necessarily need to have been on a leave of absence in order to present their department or HR with a certification listing work restrictions.

There are two parts to an accommodation request:

     1. Employee must submit a Medical Inquiry Request for Accommodation (the formal request)

     2. Employee must submit a certification listing the restrictions recommended by their physician (certification of restrictions)

After receiving the necessary documents, the Leave Administrator begins the interactive process of determining whether or not the department can provide a reasonable accommodation

    A. If the employee can be accommodated, a Temporary Modified Duty Agreement must be signed and returned to HR.
    B. If workplace restrictions cannot be accommodated, employee may need to be placed on a leave of absence until the physician has lifted or modified the restrictions.

Questions or Concerns

For additional questions about leaves, disability, worker’s compensation, and other types of time away, contact:

Contact us:
Please contact the HR Service Leaves Specialist to initiate and for more information.
(213) 821-3103

Disability and Leave Resources

Before you begin creating a req, you will need to know your Region Number and Account Number. If you do not know these details, you can find them through the Find My Region Number and Find My Account Number links under Resources on the right.

Once you have gathered all the necessary information, click the Create A New Req link under Resources on the right. After you submit the req, you will receive an email to submit the completed Job Code through.

Note: Clicking submit on the Req page acknowledges that you have already obtained all necessary approvals within your department and with your Senior Business Officer.