Employee Relations

Employee Relations serves non-union staff within the Office of the Provost community. Our focus is on providing consultancy and coaching to department management and promoting good management practices. We help department leaders find effective resolutions to issues related to job performance and staff complaints, to keep the work environment more professional and harmonious. We discuss concerns with employees about their work environment and provide them with information and resources relating to the interpretation and implementation of university policies and procedures on employment matters.

Supervisor Log

The Supervisor Log can be used to capture your 1 on 1 coaching and performance meetings with employees. The form is a good way to capture the essence of your conversations with employees, as well as to document any agreements reached during such meetings. The form is also a useful tool to capture multiple meetings in one document. This form should not be used to provide a disciplinary warning. Please notify contact Employee Relations below for guidance.

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Contact us:

Laura Escobar, Office of Provost, USC Museums,
Campus Wellness & Crisis Intervention


Charles Britton-Eisman, USC Libraries

Trina Wallace, USC Student Affairs

Employee Relations Pages

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