Disability and Leave

Frequently Asked Questions

For Employees

A physician certification is a note that confirms your need for time off work due to a medical issue. You may present a memo from your physician or use the Department of Labor form. Please note, if you participate in the USC disability program, you will be sent separate documents that must be completed in addition to the memo provided to our office.
When submitting your electronic leave request, please indicate your leave plans in the case details section. As soon as possible after your delivery, email a copy of the hospital birth letter (typically provided 1-2 days after delivery) to the HR Leave Administrator, Erika Jimenez, at emjimene@usc.edu. or via fax to 213.748.0347.
Yes. The employee must provide a release to return to work from their physician at least 1 week prior to their scheduled return to work date.

For Managers

Yes, your employee may use either sick or vacation time to cover the wage loss for the unpaid wait period, or any unpaid time during the leave of absence; i.e. top off pay.
Your responsibility is to ensure that your employees seeks medical treatment. Then, ensure the Manager’s Report of Injury and DWC-1 Worker’s Compensation claim form is completed, signed by employee and yourself and submitted to the Leave Administrator, within 24 hours.
If an employee has exhausted their leave entitlement balance, specifically the job protection provided under FMLA and CFRA, but continues to be on medical leave, the position is not protected. The manager should contact the Leave Administrator for further guidance.
As the manager you must inform your employee that if he/she cannot perform their job duties according to the doctor’s restrictions, he/she must stop working and inform the doctor immediately.

Questions or Concerns

For additional questions about leaves, disability, worker’s compensation, and other types of time away, contact:

Contact us:
Erika Jimenez, Employee Relations Consultant/Leaves Administrator

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