To most employees “compensation” means salary, but it is much more than that. Total compensation is really the investment an organization makes in its people. Total compensation is the compilation of not only salary but employer contributions to insurance programs, retirement, services, discounts and other benefits — in essence, the value of the various components of the compensation package, both direct and indirect.

Office of the Provost HR group supports the mission and goals of the university by administering its fair, equitable, competitive and creative compensation programs and practices for USC non-faculty staff. Human Resources also administers the annual merit review process and other pay programs designed to reward employees for growth in job responsibilities or a one time achievement.


  • Responding to managers requests for salary reviews and work creatively with managers to anticipate and respond to pay issues.
  • Work with hiring managers to set appropriate hiring ranges for vacant positions and salaries for new hires
  • Ensuring university compliance with other wage and hour laws and regulations.
  • Providing on going training to managers and staff.
  • Providing guidance and advice on writing job descriptions.

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Compensation Info

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