Provost HR/Payroll is located off-campus on the third floor of the Carole A. Little (“CAL”) Building. You must have an appointment or valid USCard to enter the building.

Directions from the Parking Structure to Our Office

  • Park and take the elevators to the first floor
  • On your right, there will be a door with directional signs which will lead you to the CAL building
  • Proceed through the door, follow the signs down the hallway
  • Exit the double doors and you will be on Grand Avenue
  • Across the street you will see a building with “3434” on the building, this is the CAL Building
  • Enter the building, show photo identification and sign in with the guard on the first floor
  • Take the elevator to the third floor, press the ITS intercom (next to the door) and inform them that you have a meeting with HR
  • Once buzzed in, proceed to the glass door on the right-hand side (there should be an onboarding sign next to the door)

Directions from Campus

Walking or riding your bike

The CAL building is located about two blocks east of the 110 freeway on Grand Avenue, just south of Jefferson Boulevard. It is about a ten minute walk from the corner of campus.

  • From the intersection of Jefferson Boulevard & Figueroa Street, where University Gateway, the Davidson Conference Center (DCC), Felix Chevrolet, and the Galen Center are all located, walk east along Jefferson Boulevard towards the 110 freeway.
  • Walk, crossing over the train tracks and under the 110 freeway.
  • Proceed along Jefferson Boulevard, continuing eastbound, until you reach Grand Avenue in two blocks. Make a right to proceed down Grand Avenue and towards the CAL building, which you can see from that intersection. The large building has a large “3434” on the side.
  • Enter the building through the main steps in front and check in with the Department of Public Safety Officer at the front desk.

Taking the USC Shuttle

  • From campus, board the USC Parking Center shuttle at any of the designated stops. A full list of them can be found at this link – click on “View Schedule & Stops” under Parking Center.
  • After boarding the shuttle, depart at the CAL building stop near the Parking Center.
  • Enter the CAL building near the shuttle stop and through the main steps in front. Check in with the Department of Public Safety Officer at the front desk.

Our Address

USC Provost HR
Carole Little Building (CAL)
3434 S. Grand Avenue #302
Los Angeles, CA 90089

General info:
• Parking is located at the Parking Center which is located on 35th Street, next to the USC gas station
• Paid parking spaces are available on the second floor
• Pay stations are located near the elevators

Here for Onboarding? Where are you working?
• CAL building

If you plan on purchasing a parking permit, we recommend you pay for a full day when you first arrive. When you sign up for the parking permit, you can be reimbursed for the full day you paid for

• On campus

For your first day, we recommend paying for a full day in the parking structure; it is about a 10-15 minute walk from campus. We will be going over parking/transportation options during our appointment and will go to the transportation office to purchase a parking permit if you need one. If you purchase a parking permit, you can have it start the next day and it will be prorated for the remainder of the month.